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Posted By: Kathryn Marquis | 4th July 2011

Kathryn Marquis

One of the taglines for the Response Initiative that Heather and I created while dreaming the event into reality is, "PURE WORSHIP; GOD'S GOVERNMENT; TAKE THE INITIATIVE."

I love this statement, and it's inspired by the book of Revelation. All through the Bible's last book this pattern can be found; simplified and paraphrased it reads, "Every created thing everywhere worships; God does stuff in the earth. They worship more; God does more stuff." The 'stuff' He does is purposeful, righteous, full of justice, and mercy. It's governmental.

When I talk about pure worship, I mean worship that is singular, motivated only by who God is and what He's done… not what we want from Him. Some of the dictionary definitions of "pure" are these: not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material; without any extraneous and unnecessary elements; wholesome and untainted by immorality; involving or containing nothing else but; sheer (used for emphasis).

If we're coming to offer "pure worship", it's not about technical perfection or a certain style or genre. It's like the definitions - unmixed and unadulterated, nothing unnecessary or added, singular, SHEER WORSHIP. That means, "holy, holy, worthy, worthy" ascribing to God who He is and what He's worth… casting aside needs, petitions, self-based motives - including the motive to receive from Him.

This doesn't mean we don't receive during worship - it just means we're coming without regard for that. We're coming purely to give to Him what is due HIM. I don't judge it 'good or bad', or value, or DEvalue worship based on my preferences, genre, or my experience. I don't judge it at all. It's HIS to value and it's MINE to give. He's worthy, and all heaven is doing it, always. I'm not going to wait for Him to ask for it…. I'm going to take the initiative. Will you?